Ohio could adopt open alcohol container law

Cincinnati, OH - Democratic Ohio State Senator Eric Kearney wants to make the entertainment districts throughout Ohio a little more lively.

Kearney has introduced a bill which would allow open alcohol containers in certain areas of some cities with a population of over 50,000.

Toledo would be one of 12 cities that could see the affects of this bill if it passes.

There is never a shotage of summertime activities in the Glass City, including baseball games at Fifth-Third Field, or events at the Seagate Center.

"With the Mud Hens here, and the Huntington Center, there's always things going on and it's always drawing people here," says Ruth Gamber, who is a server at The Blarney right across the street from the baseball field.

She thinks it would make the night more enjoyable because people could bounce around from bar to bar, and bring their beer with them.

And while there are many in favor of the bill, other say it isn't right for Toledo, which is not known for its night life.

"It'd probably bring more people for a party life," says bar patron Tomas Gara, "But we're not New Orleans so why try to step it up. We can enjoy what we have now."

He says unruly drinkers could cause trouble.

"I don't know if we can handle it here," says Tomas.

Though he is not totally against, he proposes a trial run.

"I love to walk outside and walk down the street with a beer and not get in trouble. It's the point of, if other people can do the same thing without causing trouble, but it's worth a try," he says.

The idea would add Toledo to a small list of places, like Las Vegas and New Orleans, that currently have such open container laws.

And some locals think the possibily to bring people to Toledo would only increase.

"I don't know anywhere close to here that has an open container law," says Gamber, "It would just attract people to here. It's just another thing to bring people down to the Warehouse District."

If the bill draws support, it could be passed as early as the end of this summer.