Ohio court uses public website to push ballot issue

Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor as seen in her official biography photo. / Source: State Supreme Court Website

The state auditor says the Ohio Supreme Court should take down a web video supporting a ballot issue that would allow for older judges.

In the video, Chief Justice Maureen O'Connor urges Ohioans to vote "yes" on Issue 1.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that Auditor Dave Yost has a problem with the video's placement on the Supreme Court's taxpayer-supported website. In a statement, Yost says public dollars may be used only for a public purpose and that "ballot-box advocacy" is usually out of bounds.

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Court spokesman Chris Davey says the video is meant to educate voters. He notes that the website also includes links to newspaper editorials opposed to the issue.

"The chief justice has no intention of ever benefiting personally should Issue 1 pass," Davey told the newspaper. "She's indicated she has no plan to run for judicial office after the current age limit of 70."

It would amend the state Constitution to raise the age limit for judicial candidates and appointees to 75.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.