Ohio EPA needs help nabbing Swanton asbestos dumper

The Ohio EPA has put out a plea for help identifying the group responsible for illegally dumping asbestos on a property near Swanton last fall.

A large quantity of pipe insulation containing asbestos was discovered in November 2012 at an unoccupied residence on Stateline Road, just west of Nature Conservancy property.

The Ohio EPA says the insulation was most likely used on a heating system pipe and that it may have been removed or stolen from a building by thieves looking for scrap metal.

Asbestos is highly regulated by the agency due to the serious health problems associated with inhaling the material's fibers.

Investigators believe someone may have seen trucks entering the property to dump the material or may know of a building where scrappers removed heating and air conditioning pipes.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Rick Hassinger at Ohio EPAâ??s Northwest District Office in Bowling Green at (419) 352-8461 or (800) 686-6930.