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      Ohio executes man who fatally shot security guard

      Frederick Treesh, 48, was executed on Wednesday morning.

      Ohio has executed a man who fatally shot an adult bookstore security guard at the end of a multistate crime spree nearly 20 years ago. Frederick Treesh, sentenced to die for killing Henry Dupree in a 1994 robbery, was pronounced dead at 10:37 a.m. Wednesday. Attorneys for the 48-year-old Treesh argued he accepted responsibility for the killing but it was an unintentional consequence of a struggle for a gun while he was high. Prosecutors contend Treesh intentionally murdered Dupree and tried to kill others, including police officers in pursuit. Authorities say Treesh and a co-defendant robbed banks and businesses, committed sexual assaults, stole cars, committed carjackings and shot someone to death in a Michigan robbery during a spree that also took them to Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin.