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      Ohio farmer battles cold weather

      Farmers across Northwest Ohio are waiting for the cold to pass, so they can start their growing season. Some of them are now more than a week behind schedule.

      This time last year, Swanton farmer Steven Sadowski had already planted sweet corn and cabbage in his fields. Now heâ??s sticking to the greenhouse, where heâ??s growing flowers, tomatoes and peppers.

      â??This morning was what, 19 degrees?â?? Sadowski said. â??So normally, by now youâ??d have some cabbage and onions and weâ??ve got nothing in.â??

      Sadowski will plant his corn next week, if weather permits. He says this is the coldest and snowiest winter heâ??s ever dealt with, but not the longest. He remembers planting in the last week of April one year.

      â??Now if this was the 10th of May, Iâ??d be very nervous,â?? Sadowski said.

      The cold can be a burden on growers like Sadowski, but he says the snow is his friend. It helps create moisture in his fields. Sadowski is not wishing for another snowstorm.

      â??Itâ??s so cold,â?? he said. â??Iâ??m waiting for it to warm up.â??

      Next week, the Sadowski family will open their produce shop selling only greenhouse produce. Theyâ??re expecting corn on their shelves in mid-summer, as usual.

      Sadowski says the late start shouldnâ??t have a big impact on the rest of his growing season, as long as the soil warms up soon.