Ohio House removes "pit bull" from vicious dog definition

Just a day after the "vicious dog" ordinance heated up the Toledo City Council, Ohio House Assistant Minority Rep. Matthew A. Szollosi (D-Toledo) and the Ohio House are attempting to alter similar state legislation. If passed, House Bill 14 will remove pit bulls from the definition of "vicious dog" from a 1987 law.

Citing the American Kennel Club, Rep. Szollosi stated that breed specific legislation isn TMt a viable solution to dog attacks and irresponsible ownership. Instead, he wants the law to maintain strong guidelines for dangerous dogs and educate the public about pet ownership.

"I support the passage of House Bill 14 because it helps insure that animals are not being captured, impounded, and terminated simply because of their breed," said Rep. Szollosi in a released statement. "It is unjust to punish owners by taking away their pets, even if they have raised a well behaved, family friendly dog."

To clarify, dogs of all breeds will still be considered vicious if they kill or cause injury under House Bill 14. Other changes noted in the bill include definitions for "nuisance dogs" and "dangerous dogs," as well as new rules for owners with an animal that has been deemed a "vicious dog."