Ohio motorists view drugged drivers as a bigger threat than drunk drivers says poll

Lucas County law enforcement say they've seen an increase in accidents related to drugged driving (courtesy: WNWO).

TOLEDO, OH (WNWO) – According to a survey done by AAA, the majority of Ohio motorists are now more afraid of other drivers being under the influence of drugs than alcohol.

"Three out of four motorists surveyed said the use of illegal drugs before driving was a 'very serious threat' to their safety compared to 66 percent who said the same thing about people driving after drinking alcohol," says the survey.

To respond to some of those fears and provide solutions, the group held a conference today at the University of Toledo.

Most people don't really know that they're sharing the road with," said Regional Director Cheryl Parker. "Some people have no idea how they're getting from point A to point B--they're just trying to get high.

Dr. Robert Forney,Chief toxicologist in Lucas county, spoke Tuesday in front of law enforcement, judges, top industry professionals and more to simplify some concepts.

He mentioned how drugs--specifically THC in marijuana--affect the brain differently than alcohol.

Even though THC may not be detected in a person's blood, they still may be very inebriated.

Because the effects of marijuana and other drugs aren't as direct as those of alcohol (there may be a delay before a person feels it effects) it can be difficult to establish laws with set THC levels.

Ohio is one of the states that has a per se law or a zero-tolerance policy.

If law enforcement thinks you're driving drugged you can be arrested and charged for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The forum held at UT gave officers opportunities for training to detect those drugged drivers through their drug recognition expert program.

Law enforcement says they've been seeing an increase in drugged driving--particularly crashes--and they want to be prepared before they're out on the roads.

Signs of drugged driver include: glazed eyes, impeded speech, swerving and crossing the center line(while driving), and slowed response time.

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