Ohio ranks as 36th healthiest state

Ohio ranked as the 36th healthiest state in America in an annual report released by the United Health Foundation.

The foundation's "America's Health Rankings" report put Michigan as the 30th healthiest state.

Placing 36th represents a significant drop for the buckeye state, which ranked 25th as recently as 2006. In the past year, the foundation says smoking increased in Ohio from 20.3 percent of the adult population to 22.5 percent and the child poverty rate increased from 18.7 percent to 22.9 percent.

The study considers health outcomes, diabetes, smoking and obesity rates, among other factors.

"For a state to improve the health of its population, efforts must focus on changing the determinants of health," the authors wrote.

The foundation's top five healthiest states are, in order: Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Hawaii and Massachusetts.

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