Ohio sales tax set to increase Sunday

Sales tax on the rise in Ohio

Unless you plan on window shopping, a trip to the mall is about to cost you more.

Sales tax in the state of Ohio will increase by one-quarter of a percent beginning Sept. 1.

Lawmakers approved the increase as part of the state's $62 billion, two-year state operating budget.

Clothing and merchandise at your favorite retailers will cost more as the state's tax rate moves from 5.5% to 5.75%. The tax is in addition to any and all local sales taxes placed on products or services.

In Lucas County, consumers currently pay an overall tax rate of 6.75%, of which 5.5% goes to the state and 1.25% goes to the county. When the state increase moves to 5.75% on Sept. 1, consumers will pay an overall sales tax rate of 7%.

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Groceries, housing, medicines, and education are exempt from sales taxes.