Ohio speeding up road projects with turnpike bonds

Gov. Kasich will go over Ohio turnpike project plans for the next two years.

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) - Ohio Gov. John Kasich is laying out the state's plan to speed up highway and bridge construction projects across Ohio.

Money from the sale of Ohio Turnpike bonds will go toward 27 transportation projects in the northern half of the state over the next two years. Another 14 projects in central and southern Ohio also are being moved ahead, too.

All told, it's about $3 billion in road projects.

The state says many of the projects would have been delayed for years or decades without the turnpike money.

Lawmakers earlier this year signed off on the governor's proposal to raise money for state highway projects through turnpike bonds.

Among the projects being speeded up are the innerbelt bridge construction in Cleveland and the widening of Interstate 75 in Toledo.