Ohio State Highway Patrol announces results from criminal operation

The Ohio State Highway patrol released results from a four day operation to get criminals off the roads and out of communities.


he operation was conducted on the Ohio Turnpike between Cleveland and Toledo from Dec.16 to Dec. 19.


he mission called "


ontributing to a safer Ohio" resulted in seven felony drug arrests, two felony weapon arrests with three misdemeanor drug arrests.

Contraband seized by troopers totaled $218,557.00. Here's a list of items troopers confiscated:

- 2,983 Grams (just over 6 ½ Pounds) of Marijuana

- 1,020 Grams (just over 2 Pounds) of Heroin

- 28 Grams of Hashish

- 1 Gram of Cocaine

- 209 Prescription Pills

- 2 Semi-Automatic Handguns

- More than $29,000 has been currency.