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      Ohio State Highway Patrol investigates fatal Jerusalem Township crash

      JERUSALEM TOWNSHIP - A rollover crash Monday night in Jerusalem Township left a 14-year-old dead. The 20-year-old driver, Cody Slinker, will likely face criminal charges, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

      14-year old Zachery Brantley was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on Howard Road. The driver, Slinker, and another 16-year-old passenger suffered minor injuries.

      Troopers suspect Slinker was speeding when the car rolled multiple times. The tires on the vehicle he was driving were worn down to the point of almost no tread. One witness told investigators the carâ??s headlights were off at the time of the crash.

      â??Heâ??s the driver of the vehicle,â?? Ohio State Highway Patrol Lieutenant William Bowers said. â??Heâ??s responsible for the actions of his car.â??

      When the investigation is complete, the case will be handed off to the Lucas County Prosecutorâ??s Office.

      â??There most likely will be charges out of it once we complete the investigation,â?? Lt. Bowers said. â??Itâ??s just a level of what charges weâ??ll go with at that time.â??

      Lt. Bowers says it could be weeks before authorities determine exactly how fast Slinker was driving.