Ohio Supreme Court to hear case on traffic cameras

Ohio Supreme Court justices get to raise their own questions in the debate over traffic cameras.

COLUMBUS (AP) -- Ohio Supreme Court justices are raising their own questions in the debate over traffic cameras.

Justices are quizzing Toledo law director Adam Loukx about how ticketed motorists can appeal their citations. Loukx says they can appeal tickets to a court, a key issue in a case that focuses on whether cities with traffic cameras are improperly bypassing the judicial system by handling camera-generated speeding and red-light tickets through administrative procedures.

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A ticketed motorist's lawsuit claimed Toledo's system usurps the courts and violates drivers' constitutional due-process rights. Critics say cameras are aimed at increasing revenues more than safety.

Walker v. Toledo

Last week, the California Supreme Court rejected a challenge to red-light cameras. The Illinois Supreme Court recently heard arguments about traffic cameras, and Missouri's high court has agreed to hear arguments.

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