Ohio transportation budget bill freezes tolls, raises speeds

Ohio's speed limit on rural interstate highways will increase to 70 mph.


hio Governor John Kasich has signed a new transportation budget bill which, in part, puts more drivers in the speed zone.

The State Transportation Budget Bill raises the speed limit on Ohio's rural highways to 70 miles per hour. The new maximum speed will go into effect on July 1. The measure also sets the maximum speed limit for interstate freeway outerbelts in urban areas at 65 mph and on freeways in congested areas at 55 mph.

The two-year transportation budget measure sets in motion a $1.5 billion Ohio Turnpike bond sale. It guarantees 90 percent of bond proceeds will go to northern Ohio projects.

The bill also freezes tolls on the Ohio Turnpike at their current levels for the next ten years. The freeze applies only to E-ZPass users traveling less than 30 miles between turnpike exits. However, this freeze could be stopped if the turnpike needs to generate more revenue to meet debt obligations.

(The Associated Press contributed to this article.)


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