Ohio unemployment drops, but two NW Ohio companies cut jobs

The state's unemployment rate has fallen further as thousands of people quit looking for work or otherwise took themselves out of the labor force.

Ohio's jobless rate in December four four-tenths of a point to 8.1%. That's the single larges month to month decline in 30 years.

State officials say 21,000 Ohioans took themselves out of the labor market.

Eventhough the state's unemployment rate went down last month, some companies are still laying off workers.

Mercy is laying off about 55 workers at Toledo area offices and hospitals. The eliminated positions do not involve patient care and are mostly workers in billing, payroll and finance.

Mercy tells WNWO News the cuts were necessary to deal with lower reimbursement rates, an increase in uninsured patients and other factors.

Meanwhile, more than 120 workers at a Tiffin call center will be losing their jobs.

PCCW Teleservices notified that state that it is closing its center at the Tiffin Mall on West Market Street by the beginning of April.

128 people work at the facility and only 7 of them will likely be offered opportunties to work from home or at another location.

Mercy Statement:

Changes in industry dynamics, healthcare reform and the impact of a challenging economy are causing significant changes to the world of healthcare and Mercy must proactively respond. As such, on Tuesday, Mercy announced the difficult decision to restructure the organization to respond to these market changes and to support our changing business needs. The restructuring will primarily affect non patient caregivers in mostly management, support areas and back office functions at the regional offices and metro Toledo facilities. This restructuring resulted in approximately 55 people who will be without positions. Areas affected include billing, purchasing and finance. Affected employees were notified this week. We are committed to treating employees whose jobs are affected by these changes in a fair and respectful manner. Eligible employees will receive a continuation of healthcare benefits and severance for a period of time. Additionally, healthcare systems throughout the United States and Ohio, including University of Toledo, Summa Health System in Akron, and MetroHealth in Cleveland, are restructuring as a result of new payment reform.

PCCW Teleservices Letter To the State: Read Here