Ohio voters split in presidential, US Senate races

With 134 days to go before the 2012 General Election Ohio voters are just about evenly split between the main contenders for the presidency and the US Senate race. The latest Rasmussen poll shows the presumptive Republican party presidential nominee Mitt Romney with a 2 point lead over President Barack Obama in Ohio. In the race for the US Senate incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown has been leading his Republican challenger for most of the year, but the latest Rasmussen poll shows Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel has drawn even with the first term Democrat. Chris Redfern, chairman of the Ohio Democratic party is convinced Brown will win a second term. "I think most Ohio families would not want to lose Senator Brown's voice in the Senate and people in Toledo, Port Clinton and Lorraine know that Senator Brown shares their values," Mr. Redfern said.

Jon Stainbrook, the chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party, counters that Josh Mandel is a serious contender and that Democrats are concerned he may unseat Brown. "The Democrats are worried about Josh Mandel and they have been attacking him right from the get go," Mr. Stainbrook said.

On the presidential side there is predictably a difference of opinion as to who will win Ohio's 18 electoral votes in November. Redfern credits Obam's stewardship during The Great Recession. "The President's first day in office he inherited an economy that was in a tailspin and he made a series of decisions to get us out of the Republican ditch and those decisions proved to be the correct ones," Mr. Redfern said. Stainbrook counters that a majority of Ohioans are eager to send Barack Obama back to Illinois. "I think it is going to be Mitt Romney; in 2008 everyone was like okay hope and change, but the President has failed to deliver on those promises and people are not going to go for it this time around," Mr. Stainbrook said.