Ohioans in high spirits in 2010; liquor sales up

Ohoians took the bottle in 2010, reaching a new record for sales of spirituous liquor.

The Ohio Division of Liquor Control says $753.7 million worth of spirituous liquor, or intoxicating liquor containing more than 21% alcohol by volume, was purchased in the state during the 2010 calendar year. The sales were over $19 million more than in 2009.

Around eleven million gallons of the high-alcohol liquor were sold last year, over 2.51% more than the previous year.

The top 10 selling brands of spirituous liquor (by gallons sold) for 2010:1. Kamchatka Vodka - 408,277 gallons2. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey - 342,840 gallons3. Bacardi Superior Light Rum - 295,820 gallons4. Smirnoff Vodka - 283,332 gallons5. Captain Morgan Spiced Rum - 280,229 gallons6. Absolut Vodka - 271,495 gallons7. Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey - 267,140 gallons8. Jagermeister - 261,959 gallons9. Korski Vodka - 236,976 gallons10. Black Velvet Canadian Whiskey - 232,623 gallons

The state's General Revenue Fund received $167 million of the monies collected from sales of spirituous liquor in 2010, while an additional $66.7 million was set aside for other state services such as liquor law enforcement; alcohol treatment, education and prevention programs; and the retirement of economic development and Clean Ohio revitalization bonds. $71.7 million in state sales and gallonage taxes on spirituous liquor was deposited into the state's treasury.