OHP identifies victim killed in Turnpike crash, Cause also determined

Ohio State Highway Patrol, out of Milan, is still investigating a fatal crash that involved 5 vehicles on Tuesday morning.

The accident happened around 9:30 A.M. in the west bound lanes of the Ohio Turnpike at the 94.2 mile post in the Township of Riley in Sandusky County.

Officials say that of the 5 vehicles, involved in the wreck, the driver of the fourth vehicle, a semi-truck operated by 50-year-old Angelo Muscarello III, initiated the crash when Muscarello failed to slow down like the 3 vehicles ahead of him.

The first three vehicles were slowing down as they traveled through a construction zone near the exit for Fremont-Port Clinton.

Investigators say the initial impact, between Muscarello and a semi-truck driven by 54-year-old Larry Centra, caused a chain reaction crash.

In the accident, Centra's semi-truck rear-ended a Chevy Silverado, driven by 46-year-old Walter Mozzochi, and then Mozzochi's truck rear-ended a semi-trailer driven by 53-year-old Larry D. Evans.

Authorities say Evans and Centra were not injured in the crash, but reported that Mozzochi was hospitalized with "non-incapacitating injuries" and Muscarello had to be treated at the scene for minor injuries.

A fifth vehicle involved in the crash, a Ford F-150 driven by 73-year-old Paul C. Shoff Jr., also collided with Muscarello's semi-truck after it hit Centra's semi-trailer.

Shoff had 3 passengers in his truck, including 51-year-old Erwin Kuhns Jr., 18-year-old David E. Kuhns and 14-year-old Albert C. Kurtz.

Erwin Kuhns Jr., who was riding in the front passenger seat of Shoff's truck, suffered fatal injuries in the crash and died at the scene.

Shoff and 18-year-old Albert Kurtz both suffered "non-incapacitating injuries" as a result of the crash and were both treated at Fremont Memorial Hospital.

14-year-old Albert C. Kurtz. was not injured in the crash.

In addition, as a result of the accident, both of the fuel tanks from Muscarello's semi-truck were punctured and spilled around 140 gallons of fuel onto the roadway.

The fuel spill was contained, however, before anything leaked into nearby drainage areas or water ways.

Traffic on the Turnpike had to be diverted to the single left lane of the construction zone while crews responded to the scene.

While officers and other personnel cleared the scene, around 3:00 P.M., the highway was completely shut down.

During that time traffic was diverted off exit 110 (OH State Route 4) while a cement barricade was reset.

The highway remained closed until just before 4 pm., when both lanes were reopened.

At this time, investigators believe everyone involved in the crash was wearing their safety belts and alcohol is not believed to be a factor in the crash.