Oil spill moves from Maumee into Toledo

An oil spill that originated at a Maumee factory has moved into South Toledo through a drainage ditch. Meanwhile, a local organization is trying to help wildlife in the area recover.

The spill's origin is 920 Illinois Ave, the location of the former Ford Stamping Plant, according to Mike Gerber of the Ohio EPA. According to property records, the property is now owned by 920 Illinois Avenue, LLC. The spilled substance is hydraulic fluid.

Since it was initially reported Saturday, the spill moved north through Heilman Ditch into Toledo in the Heatherdowns and Cass Road area. The City of Toledo Department of Environmental Services have placed containment booms in the ditch near Eastgate Ave. between Glendale St. and Heatherdowns Blvd., according to Chuck Campbell, Commissioner of Environmental Services.

The cleanup is in its final stages, accoring to Gerber.

Meanwhile, Nature's Nursery, a wildlife rehabilitation service, is capturing ducks from the ditch and bathing them. Several ducks have been coated in the viscous hydraulic fluid.