Old Man Winter returns

Downtown Toledo (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

After months of mild weather by Ohio standards during the winter, the cold and snow has made a March return.

Residents in the viewing area saw wide spread snow showers today, although accumulations we're not high, it still caused headaches for drivers.

Several accidents were reported this morning due to the snow.

Downtown business owner Mahmoud Girad, says his shop Roman's Deli saw a decrease in how many stopped in because of the cold but saw his delivery orders increase.

Local resident Gary Michael says Toledo appears to be ready for the weather.

"City's got their salt out there so they seem pretty well prepared for it," said Michael.

The Toledo Police Department operated much of the day on a Phase 2 response level, meaning they only responded to accidents with injuries involved.

The Toledo Fire Department, however, has no such wiggle room.

"We go out on every one of them. They (TPD) have to obviously prioritize when they have that huge spike in run volume, we don't have the luxury of being able to do that we have to send a rig of personnel out to evaluate every scene," said Sterling Rahe, TFD, Public Information Officer.

The snowfall is expected to continue through the evening into the early morning hours on Tuesday.

It's highly recommended to be very well bundled up on Tuesday as it will be blustery and cold.

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