Open house welcomes students back to school

Parents and students had the opportunity to attend the open house orientation Thursday at Winterfield Venture Academy.

Parents and students got a chance to prepare for the new school year at Winterfield Venture Academy Thursday during a community resource fair.

Kids and parents got acquainted with their new school by learning their class schedules, meeting teachers, and visiting classrooms. Teachers had the opportunity to distribute class supply lists and get ready for the upcoming term.

"It's really exciting," said English and Language Arts teacher Lacy Jones. "I'm excited about the ones coming in and getting to teach them, and spend the year with them.

Along with the core curriculum, the school will also offer activities such as athletics, intervention and support programs this year. Principal Amy Kramer told WNWO there are already over 600 kids enrolled with waiting lists in certain grades.

Local community groups such as the YMCA, Lucas County Public Library, and the Girl Scouts were also on hand to offer brochures, sign-up sheets and snacks to those in attendance.

The first day of school is Monday, August 20th.

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