Opponents face off in live Issue 2 debate

Issue 2 debate participants shake hands before facing off

Issue 2 took center stage on Tuesday night as the focus of a statewide debate broadcast on NBC stations in Ohio.

The debate was moderated by NBC's Chuck Todd, but also included questions from members of the Ohio media.

The panel used questions posed to them by members of the public and questions submitted to NBC stations in Ohio.

Representing those against Issue 2 was ex-Congressman Dennis Eckart, and speaking on behalf of those in favor of the legislation was Senator Keith Faber.

While much of what was addressed, during the debate, was similar to what both sides have argued in recent months each did make mention of areas in Northwest Ohio.

"In Solon, in Perrysburg, in Hudson, each of the teachers in those cities have given back raises as well as step increases going back to 2008," Eckart said of the sacrifices those against Issue 2 have had to make in recent years.

"We've got the mayor of Toledo who has said this is absolutely essential for his to run his city," said Faber of the bi-partisan support in favor of Issue 2.

During the debate, Faber was speaking on behalf of the group 'Building a Better Ohio' who held 10 viewing parties for the Issue 2 debate across the state.

One was held at the Lucas County Victory Center on South Superior Street.

"The people who want you to vote no on Issue 2 won't answer the questions and they are disregarding the data," Building a Better Ohio Representative Jon Stainbrook said of the opposition's debate performance.

We Are Ohio volunteers also got together on Tuesday night, but not to watch the debate.

"We did not have time to watch the debate. We were getting our message out to voters directly, making phone calls and knocking on doors to make sure people know a no vote on Issue 2 will repeal Senate Bill 5," We Are Ohio Regional Communications Director Matthew Klempner said.

The entire 1 hour debate was aired only on NBC stations in Ohio and can be seen in two portions, Part I and Part II.