Oppressive heat, humidity Tuesday

Another steamy day on tap. In fact, this could be the hottest-feeling day of summer so far!

Skies will be partly cloudy Tuesday morning and temperatures will climb rapidly from the low and mid-70's into the mid and upper-80's by lunchtime.

Humidity will be oppressive throughout the day and we'll get into "heat stroke" territory Tuesday afternoon as high temps get into the lower 90's. Heat Indices will be as warm as we've experienced since last summer ('13), making it feel-like we're between 94 - 97 degrees.

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Take precautions if you will be spending much time outside and keep an eye on your neighbors with respritory difficulties and your pets too - they need access to shade and water as much as you do!

Relief is headed our way in the form of a cold front. As the front approaches the region late Tuesday afternoon we'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms which will continue this evening and into the early overnight hours. Some of these storms will likely produce heavy and potentially flooding rains... "Turn around. Don't Drown"!

Skies will gradually clear Wednesday as a more refreshing airmass moves in. Skies will become partly cloudy, humidity values will drop and comfort breaks out as we'll see cooler highs in the upper 70's. Expect more of the same on Thursday - sunshine & comfort with highs in the upper 70's. We kickoff the holiday weekend in great shape Friday with partly cloudy with highs in the lower 80's.

The threat of storms returns to the forecast over the Labor Day holiday weekend. It's still a ways off so stay tuned but from here it looks like we'll see some scattered showers and storms Saturday, Sunday and early Monday/Labor Day morning. It doesn't look like any of the three days over the extended weekend will be a washout so keep your outdoor plans. You may need to keep an eye to the sky and dodge some storms from time to time. We'll have a lot better handle on the timing of any inclimate weather as we get closer to the weekend and will update you here and on NBC 24.

Be sensible and smart if you've got to be outdoors for extended periods Tuesday afternoon as heat indices in the mid-90's get us into heat stroke territory.

I've had heat stroke and it's not a picnic... if you find yourself out there and your body stops perspiring that is a warning sign that your body is shutting down - get into a cooler environment and hydrate immediately.

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