Orange barrel fever continues in Toledo area

These maybe going away soon in some places.

Highway construction is continuing in Northwest Ohio but there are some places that could be finished by November.

One of the largest construction projects is the I-475 and I-75 interchange. According to the Ohio Department of Transportation construction should be complete by 2013. ODOT representative Theresa Pollick says it's taking so long because it's in such a highly populated area. "It's in a city area and we have to maintain traffic," says Pollick.

The bridge on the I-475 connecting Perrysburg and Maumee will have southbound lanes opened up for the winter months. In spring highway construction will continue and they will be closing Northbound lanes.

There is one project that is near competition. The Salsbury/Dussel onramp to I-475 is almost complete. There may be minor closures as crews finish work, but work should be complete there by November.

Road construction can be a major headache during your commute but ODOT wants to remind people why all this construction is so necessary. "Even though it is an inconvenience it's something that is really going to help out once the work is done," said Pollick.

Do you hate all the road construction going on? Do you think it's worth it in the long run? How do you avoid delays on your commute? Sound off in our comments section....