Oregon barn recovering one year after fire

Owners of a horse barn in Oregon are looking back at the tragedy they faced a year ago today when ten of their therapy horses died in an electrical fire.

Today, Vail Meadows has one more therapy horse than they did before the fire, along with two more ducks. The animals were all donated by people looking to help Vail Meadows recover from the fire.

â??We had places from all over,â?? Vail family member Joylyn McGee said. â??Not even just in our area, but places from all over that were willing to donate horses.â??

Peggy Fritz has been a volunteer at Vail Meadows for 11 years. After the fire, her own personal horse became a part of the therapy program.

â??He seems to know these people need help,â?? Fritz said. â??When he sees a small child, he lowers his head so they can reach up and touch his muzzle.â??

Community members are donating pigs, goats, ducks, and even money. Local high school students raised $6,000 last year through a Vail Meadows 5k run. All entry fees for the annual race go to the horse riding center.

â??Terribly grateful. We couldnâ??t run our program if it wasnâ??t for the communityâ??s help,â?? McGee said.

This yearâ??s Vail Meadows 5k is set for June 21. It will start on Oak Street in Milburry at 10 a.m. Participants can register before the race starting at 8:30 or online at