Oregon School Board President charged after altercation

Oregon School Board President, Patrick "P.J." Kapfhammer

Update: Wednesday night, Oregon City Schools' Superintendent Dr. Michael E. Zalar issued a statement on the charges against Kapfhammer:

"The Oregon Board of Education is aware that one of its board members has been charged with a crime. The district continues to cooperate fully with officials involved in the inquiry. However, due to the pending court proceedings it is inappropriate to comment further at this time."

Original Story: Already having overcome his past criminal history to be elected to the Oregon School Board P.J. Kapfhammer is now, again, in legal hot water.

On Wednesday, the Oregon School Board President was charged with "menacing knowingly cause to believe serious physical harm" and "disorderly conduct recklessly by fighting, threatening harm or in violent turbulent behavior", according to court documents.

The pair of misdemeanor offenses

were filed on February 13th

following, what Kapfhammer describes as, a "verbal altercation" with a man at Clay High School.

On February 5th, Kapfhammer told WNWO that he did raise his voice to the man with autism while trying to find out what he was doing in the weight room in Clay High Schoolâ??s gym on February 1st.

"I didn't know he was autistic at all. I wanted to know why he was there and when I approached him, he wouldn't look at us," Kapfhammer told WNWO during the phone interview.

Kapfhammer told WNWO, on February 5th, that when he couldn't find anyone who recognized the man he approached him to make sure he was authorized to be there.

"There was a wrestling tournament going on outside [the weight room] and there were like 300 people in the gym," Kapfhammer recalled. â??I just wanted to make sure he didn't walk in off the street."

After the altercation, the man was identified as an honorary manager of the Clay High baseball team.