Oregon School official chokes up describing criminal charges against him

P.J. Kapfhammer gets choked up while describing what the charges have done to him and his family.

A large crowd gathered, on Tuesday, as the Oregon School Board President lead his first public meeting since being criminally charged.

P.J. Kapfhammer got emotional, even paused to keep his composure, as he spoke about the verbal altercation that lead to a pair of misdemeanors being filed against him this month.

â??Itâ??s been the hardest two weeks of my life. I am sorry I let everyone down and Iâ??m sorry my kids had to go thru this but after tonight were are going to move forward and continue on the path that we are on,â?? Kapfhammer said.

Kapfhammer, in a previous interview with WNWO, admitted to raising his voice to the alleged victim but said he was only trying to determine what the man was doing in the Clay High School weight room.

The School Board President has said that at the time of the incident he did not know the man, he confronted, has autism.

Charges of menacing and disorderly conduct were filed against Kapfhammer last week.