Oregon schools trying to deal with Governor's new budget

Leaders in the Oregon School District are concerned about the effects of Ohio Governor John Kasich's budget and the passage of Senate Bill 5.

Oregon school leaders say they anticipated funding cuts, and with the changes they have made, expect to be in the black at the end of the next school year.

But, at the same time, officials believe they are going to have to get additional revenue or make even more cuts.

"Either we're going to need to get additional revenue or we're going to have to make even more cuts. So I think right now we've pretty well reached sort of a critical mass where to go further than what we've cut so far is going to really begin to impact the quality of education that we're able to provide," said Oregon Schools Superintendent Mike Zalar.

One effort the district has made to streamline their budget is to consolidate jobs in the district office. They have cut the number of administrative positions by half, saving $350,000.