Organization helps sex trafficking victims transition to normal life

F or years it has been known that Toledo has been one of the top cities nationally for sex trafficking.

W hen 105 teens were rescued across the country from prostitution, it didn't come as a surprise to some people in Northwest Ohio.

B ut, if the rescue was tough, the transition to a normal life is even tougher." S ome of these girls have been abused months, days , even years by family members or traffickers. And that's something you don't just overcome overnight," says Jeff Wilbarger, founder of "the daughter project."

P errysburg based " T he Daughter Project" was designed to provide a transitional home where young women rescued from trafficking can live in a safe place. Inside the house, are house mothers who act like moms to girls who sometimes have no one.

G aining trust is often the first step to helping the girls. In addition to counseling, victims are home schooled and taught life skills.

B ut since the home opened in October 2012, one rescued victim has runaway. Currently, "The Daughter Project" is helping three girls with their transition.

T he organization plans to build another home to help victims by spring 2014 .

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