Ottawa County Sheriff resumed search for last missing boater

      <p> <font size="3">Sheriff Levorchick does not plan to resume his search unless further evidence surfaces.</font> </p>

      OAK HARBOR -- An Ottawa County search team returned to Lake Erie Wednesday looking for the fourth missing boater.

      33-year-old Andrew Rose of Maumee has not been located since the group of four boaters went missing April 17 from a missing trip.

      The bodies of three boaters have been recovered; 17-year-old Amy Santus, 33-year-old Paige Widmer were found near the partially submerged boat. Several weeks later, the third missing boater, 32-year-old Bryan Huff was recovered Wednesday on the shores in Carroll Township.

      â??When that body was located, it does give you that sense of urgency that you want to be able to return the last body to the family for burial,â?? Sheriff Levorchick said.

      The Ottawa County Coroner was able to identify the body from Huffâ??s tattoos. Huff was found without a lifejacket. Authorities believe Andrew Rose wasnâ??t wearing one.

      â??Weâ??re just asking that anyone who is out on the shoreline or out on the lake, just be aware,â?? Levorchick said. â??If you do notice something that you believe could possibly be it, please donâ??t be afraid to call us.â??

      Sheriff Levorchick does not plan to resume his search unless further evidence surfaces.