Ottawa Hills police shooting trial continues

Thomas Caine White

Ottawa Hills police officer Thomas White took the stand in his own defense Thursday, trying to convince the jury he was justified in shooting 25-year-old motorcyclist Michael McCloskey in the back during a 2009 traffic stop.

While two contrasting experts argued in the courtroom whether or not White followed protocol, the court of public opinion is developing their own ideas. It's the video that came out that really kind of got my blood boiling, said Scott Feeback, organizer of a Face book group called: Send Ottawa Hills Officer to Jail for Felony Shooting."

Feeback, of Perrysburg, doesn't know McCloskey well, but that didn't stop him from creating the group that, in about 48 hours, has grown in membership to over 2,000 people who all think the part-time Ottawa Hills officer should go to jail.

It makes me feel pretty good that all these people that I don't even know just keep posting and numbers just keep going up, said Feeback.

Not everyone is so quick to condemn.

There are still some who are willing to let the justice system play out. I can't speak on nothin or judge nothin you know, but whatever happens out of this I hope it's for the good, said Bruce Stanly, a concerned citizen.

Fortunately for White, he's not being tried by a Facebook group of protestors.

The actual jury is gearing up for closing arguments Friday. If convicted, White faces up to 11 years in prison.