Outdoor workers keep their cool in the heat

Temperatures soared above 90 degrees on Wednesday, making it a sweaty day for those who work outdoors.

Construction workers, roofers, mail carriers, and tree cutters were among those WNWO found working in the heat.

â??Man itâ??s hot, itâ??s hot!â?? exclaimed construction worker Timothy Wood, who was in a hole repairing an underground pipe. Tree cutter Danny Millwood agreed, â??Itâ??s hot, itâ??s hard.â??

The temperature is average for this time of year. Itâ??s actually much lower than the record-setting temperature of 100 degrees on this day in 2012. Still, workers say the extreme heat is tough getting used to.

â??After 25 years I guess you really never get used to it, but you do the best you can,â?? said Lee Hartford, who spent the day overhauling a home on South Byrne Road.

Many outdoor workers got through the day drinking plenty of water, and finding shady spots for breaks.

WNWOâ??s Chief Meteorologist Norm Van Ness expects temperatures to continue in the 90s until they begin to dip during the weekend.