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      Outer space a tool to detect algae blooms

      Milt Baker, CEO of Blue Water Satellite, says his company can help create solutions to the Lake Erie algae bloom.

      "Most people agree that there is a significant amount of phosphorous getting into the water and our technology is able to show where the phosphorous is coming into the water," Mr. Baker said.

      Baker says that the algae in Lake Erie feed off of phosphorous that flows from the land into the water. He says the situation has gotten progressively worse in the last two decades. "In 1984 there wasn't a significant bloom in western Lake Erie, but in 2008 we began to see a significant deterioration in the levels of algae blooms," Mr. Baker said.

      COMPLETE COVERAGE: Toledo Water Crisis

      On Friday, members of the Ohio legislature representing districts along Lake Erie will hold a joint news conference at the University of Toledo's Lake Erie Center in Oregon.

      State representatives Michael Sheehy (Oregon), Michael Ashford (Toledo), Chris Redfern (Catawba Island) and Teresa Fedor (Toledo) plan to discuss the Toledo water crisis and Lake Erie algae blooms.

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