Over 600 participate in Kaylee's Race for Progeria

Seven-year-old Kaylee Halko was well aware of how important Saturday was for herself and other children living with Progeria.

Today is a big day, said Kaylee.

Saturday was the 5th Annual 5k Race for Progeria. Progeria is a rare genetic condition that affects one in 4 to 8 million newborns, causing them to age up to 10 times faster than normal.

Even though the disease is fatal, Kaylee's mom Marla says there's hope in the diagnosis.

And before that there was nothing you were told to go home and enjoy your child while you had her, but now there's a treatment, said Marla.

But Marla wants more than a treatment that will slow down the aging process. She wants a cure and so did over 600 people who participated in the race that will help fund more research of Progeria.

I have a lot of hope, and this helps the hope, said Marla.

The Pickard family drove five hours from Kentucky to attend today TMs fundraiser. Their son Zach also has Progeria and Tina says events like these help.

For our family it TMs been great to be able to meet other kids and be able to talk to other parents and share our experiences, said Tina.