Owens bundles up winter clothes for less fortunate

Already in its sixth year, "Susie's Coats" has donated over 2,200 winter clothing items since its inception.

Faculty and student volunteers from Owen's Community College in Perrysburg, spent the morning delivering winter clothing to those in need in the Toledo community.

The community outreach initiative "Susie's Coats" began at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday at the corner of North Michigan and Adams Street, downtown. Volunteers gave out hats, coats, mittens, sweaters, and other winter apparel. Already in its sixth year, the program has donated over 2,200 winter clothing items since its inception. "Susie's Coats" began on the 50th birthday of Owens Diagnostic Medical Sonography Chair, Susan Perry. Perry says she wanted to help others, after being homeless herself, as a child.

"It inspires you to one day maybe move up, and be on the other side of that table," said Aaron Lonewolf-Cunningham, who is a regular visitor to the donation drive. He continued, "You can't help but remember, somebody was there for you."

The Owen's clothing drive was in coordination with Food for Thought's weekly Saturday event in the same location.

Food for Thought

, along with other community partnerships, is responsible for serving food, warm drinks, and other necessities at the event.