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      Owens layoffs staff to fill budget deficit

      N ext school year , the staff at Owens Community College will be smaller. It's part of the schools plan to fill a huge budget deficit.

      O wens Community College has announced a projected budget deficit in excess of $7.5 million dollars for the 2013 - 2014 fiscal year which begins in July.

      F acing that reality , the school says at least 30 people will be out of job. However, non of those people will include faculty.

      A ccording to the college , those people are administrative staff which are non -union salaried workers. Their current contracts won't be renewed.

      30 other staff members still employed will be reassigned to different positions and will have modified contracts.

      F unding cuts is not exclusive to Owens. Bowling Green State University and 17 other state schools will also see reductions.

      O wens Community College student Jeremy Mohler has seen those reductions, "there definitely is less staffing, they've closed computer labs on campus," says Mohler.

      I n a statement school president Mike Bower said "we have worked to reduce expenses and manage this shortfall, but the deficit is significant and positions will be impacted. We are faced with very difficult decisions that are necessary to maintain the mission of the college, which is to serve our students," explains Bower.

      S ince 20 1 1 , 127 positions have been reduced through retirement , attrition, and elimination of vacant positions.

      T he college says cost cutting measures have saved them $6.86 million in the last 9 months.