Owner of home where teens were drinking to face charges

A Washington Township woman has a date in Toledo Municipal Court next Thursday after police say more than two dozen teenagers were at her home last Friday night drinking alcohol.

Kristen Donnelly, 38, is facing multiple child endangerment charges. Police were called to her home at 2516 Point Pleasant Way after a neighbor called to complain about noise.

A lengthy police report details the presence of alcohol in every room of the house and garage including bathrooms. A beer pong table was set up in the living room. A bar cabinet in a living room corner was unlocked and open and fully stocked. Two male juveniles were sent to the hospital. Donnelly was nabbed by police as she tried to exit the house through a bedroom window.

Lisa Beczynski's 16-year-old son was one of the party attendees. "Well he said he and his friends were possibly going to a bowling alley but they wound up going to this party and he had never been to one of those parties before," Ms. Becyznski said. She was shocked to learn a parent had been inside the home. "When I got there the lady cop told me what was going on and then the detective said there was a parent in the home and my mouth just hit the floor," Ms. Becynski said.

The juveniles at the party could face criminal charges.

After being booked into the Lucas County Jail Donnelly was released on her own recognizance.