PAL discontinuing boxing program, will continue other sports

Pal will be discontinuing boxing, the other programs will still continue (

Toledo, Ohio (WNWO)-- "The plan is to move the weights and the rings we have set up now,” said Sergeant Mack Collins has been the director of the Toledo, Police Athletic League.

He’s watched prize athlete pass through the doors, even Olympians.

And while the PAl program, will still open its doors for student athletes, one door will be closing.

"The reason why the boxing portion of Pal is being discontinued is because we do not have a steady source of income that comes into Pal," said Sergeant Collins.

The entire PAL program is run off of funding and donations.

The non profit recieves no funding from either the City or the Police department.

" This big mismonomer is that we have all this extra money coming in."

The total budget for the nonprofit is $60,00 a year.Boxing takes up over half of that at 48,000 a year with less than 15% of PAl athletes participating in the sport.

"This has been in the works for a year, the coaches do know this, they did know this" said Collins.

Some athletes like Junior Olympian Jared Anderson whose been in the program since he was eight says they're making a mistake.

"I wasn't the best kid so to see what I'm doing now and to see how respectful I've been and how strict I've been about everything I do... I think it's a horrible situation to see them discontinue a program like this ."

Anderson says while the numbers on paper may be small, the program has made a big impact.

“It's a program that's gonna help that could and would help a lot of kids become better men and women in this community." While Anderson agrees

Sergeant Collins says he can understand parents and athlete's frustration, he's assuring the program will still be around, just no LONGER with gloves..

"We're going to introduce basketball and volleyball every day and would like to generate income through leagues and tournaments ."

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