Paralyzed motorcyclist to get back on the road

Bikers ride for McCloskey in a demonstration against excessive force.

It is something no one ever expects to find themselves dealing with, but Mike McCloskey knows all too well about having to live with paralysis.

Now, McCloskey is getting the chance to do what he loves so much: ride a motorcycle.

"Recently I've hung out with him and all he wants to do is get back on the bike," said Bimmer, Chuck's On Monroe Owner.

McCloskey was on his way home from work in May 2009 when an Ottawa Hills police officer pulled him over for a routine traffic stop. Officer Thomas White shot McCloskey in the spine, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

Since then, McCloskey has not been able to ride his cherished motorcycle... until now.

"I came up with the idea let's build this guy a bike he can ride," said Bimmer.

And with that quick thought, it was done.

Business owners from Northwest Ohio have come together to form Trike-4-Mike: a project to raise money to build a custom, three-wheeled trike motorcycle so McCloskey can get back out on the road.

"It's just one of those things, it's a good opportunity for everybody to get involved in. Let the community show what we can do when we band together and get a lot of business owners here in Toledo to do something good for somebody that could really use it," said Brian Godlewski, Jazz Motorsports Owner.

Trike-4-Mike is in its infancy, but it is already receiving a lot of attention.

"We just launched it in the last few days," said Bimmer. "So this is just the beginning. I think it's going to be a really good event and it's going to show people that we still care."

The details of the custom bike are not being released so it can be as big of a surprise as possible. The motorcycle is scheduled to be complete in September.

CLICK HERE for more information if you are interested in giving to the cause.