Parents talk dirty... diapers

Sweet Cheeks hosted the Great Diaper Change for the second year in a row last Saturday.

Local parents were up to their necks in dirty diapers last Saturday during the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Sylvania.

Sweet Cheeks baby store hosted the event for the second year in a row as part of an international movement to set the world record for the most cloth diapers changed simultaneously. The event also raised awareness about reducing waste created by individual households.

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"It's so much better for the environment , as well as your budget," said Stephanie Pirrone, co-owner of Sweet Cheeks. "In terms of family budget, it can get very expensive to diaper babies... It's also so much healthier for babies. There are a lot of chemicals that people just don't even realize are there."

Proponets of cloth diapering say waste could be reduced by one ton per year if each family used cloth diapers.