Park Street residents say the block is safer

Amanda Schaffner feels safe for the first time in the three years she has lived on E.Park Street in central Toledo. My kids enjoy coming out in front to play instead of staying in the back yard," Ms. Schaffner said. Since last July, NBC 24 has made numerous trips to the 400 block of E. Park Street to document the neighborhood's problems. Chief among them, the abandoned houses on the block

Of the 23 houses on the 400 block of E. Park Street 8 are vacant; one was demolished last summer. Residents often saw drug dealers, addicts and prostitutes climb into the windows of some of the abandoned homes to transact their illicit business. But the illegal activity has declined. After a series of reports on NBC 24 shined the spotlight on E. Park Street the city of Toledo cleaned up the trash on some of the abandoned homes and increased police patrols in the area.

Phil Lawrence says residents are also taking ownership of their neighborhood. "We had a lot of attention and the neighbors pulled together and we made it known to the people on the block who were up to no good to move on," Mr. Lawrence said.