Paul Ryan rally excites crowd of supporters

Just weeks after both President Obama and Mitt Romney rallied supporters in our area, Romney's running mate comes to Northwest Ohio.

Paul Ryan got exactly what he was looking for Monday with excited supporters. With less than thirty days to election day, the point was to turn those excited supporters into Romney - Ryan voters.

"He gives us hope, and I've have children and grandchildren. And he's giving me the hope that I need," explains Barbara Cummins of Toledo.

In a crowd where a large number of veterans were present, talk of reversing military cuts received standing ovations in the entire building. He said cuts the president supported for the military would hurt the country, "that projects the perception that we're a super power in retreat. That shrinks our navy to the smallest navy since 1916, we're not going to let that happen," says Ryan.

Kaleb Knowles who's in the military says he was encouraged by what he heard,
"I'm in the military myself and I don't want to see our military cut. It would be the most important thing about our country," explains Knowles.


yan's speech focused on criticizing the president's handling of foreign policy matters. He also went on the attack on domestic issues such as healthcare reform and its level of importance.


etting the word out is important especially with polls showing Romney closing the gap on the president.


yan will debate Vice President Joe Biden this Thursday in the only vice presidential debate.