Pedestrian safety near Hollywood Casino

Balloons now mark the area of Miami Street and I-75 where one woman was killed and another seriously injured near Hollywood Casino.

"We don't know why, but for some reason the vehicle did leave the roadway, struck them as they were walking on the sidewalk and then went farther down into the grass area," said Lt. Mark King with Toledo Police.

Now the question is raised whether the area is safe for foot traffic. B

ut does this mean the area is unsafe for foot traffic?

"Sometimes traffic is crazy, but you just got to watch where you're going pretty much and watch for the people around you," said Delane Ellis, who travels the route everyday by bicycle when she goes to work.

"People driving don't care what they're doing because I've almost been hit right here at this corner quite a few times," she said.

The city engineers office say that everything is in place to keep pedestrians safe, including crosswalks and the most up to date walk/don't walk signals.

Although this seems to be a freak accident, officials urge everyone to do their best to ensure their own safety.

"Make sure you cross in the crosswalks. Try to follow the traffic patterns. And if you are a pedestrian, you should be walking toward traffic so you can be seen better," Lt. King said.

Ellis takes no chances with her ride to work and says she does worry about something like this happening to her. She does believe, however, that this was an isolated incident.

"I try to wear something that you can see easily like i got a white shirt and my pink bag that i always have on my shoulder." she said.