Penta trades students build home and careers

With every swing of the hammer a lesson is learned and another Penta student moves closer to a career that could last a lifetime. The Penta Career Center's construction trades class is busy again this year, building a brand new home - this time for a family in Rossford. The one story 2300 square foot ranch in the Ironwood subdivision off Glenwood Road is already starting to take shape. The house has been framed and the students on Thursday were getting some hands-on experience on the rooftop as the roofing felt and the new shingles were being delivered. Senior student, Sabrina Lewis of Rossford says she has learned so much in the class and really enjoys it. "You know when I first started, I'd walk into a house and just see a bunch of wood, now I see joists and rafters and's really unbelievable." She is not alone in her enthusiasm for the course. Branden Boulerisse, also a senior, says he really has taken to the class and hopes to make the construction trades his career. " I really love doing it, no matter what it is, I love it." It's hard not see in these students a level of maturity and responsibility that is also part of the training. "The people we're building this for have entrusted us with a 200,000 dollar investment and these students have responded by being responsible and stepping up to the challenge." Says instructor Rob Weaver, who has been a Penta instructor for the past 14 years. He says he really enjoys seeing the students come together as a team and really work together. That sentiment is shared by senior student, Amanda Hersh. " It's sort of like family, working out here everyday, you really get to know everyone and it's fun." She took hopes to make the building trades a career. Weaver says this is a good time to get into the trades field, because the jobs prospects are likely to be very good as construction eventually starts to pick up. Many of these students will go on to apprenticeship programs, or will move onto college to advance their careers in the field. No matter what career they may eventually choose, they will always take with them the rich experience of having been a part of a team that built a home when they were just teenagers.