Perkins Twp. firefighters run marathon for fallen Toledo brothers

<font size="2">Brian Hackenburg and Matthew Riggle ran the Glass City Marathon in full bunker gear to honor fallen Toledo firefighters Pvts. James Dickman and Stephen Machcinski.</font>

Firefighters from Perkins Township Fire Department ran Sundayâ??s Glass City Marathon in honor of two of their fallen Toledo brothers.

Brian Hackenburg and Matthew Riggle ran the race in full bunker gear. Itâ??s called the â??Turnout Challenge,â?? their way of honoring fallen Toledo firefighters James Dickman and Stephen Machcinski.

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â??Heâ??s been a part of it ever since,â?? said Hackenburg, who started the â??Turnout Challengeâ?? with James Dickman about 14-months ago with Perkins Twp. Fire Dept.Hackenburg continued, â??I want to continue to be a part of it with him.â??

Riggle completed the half-marathon while Hackenburg finished the 26-mile marathon. Both carried not only the memory of their fallen brothers, but also about 42-lbs. of equipment.

â??Iâ??d do it all over again right now for my brother,â?? said Hackenburg. â??Jamie and Stephen, theyâ??re our heroes and Iâ??m going to keep this going for Jamie, heâ??s my brother and I love the guy.â??

Toledo Fire Department Chief Luis Santiago led the crowd in a silent prayer prior to the start of the race.