Perrysburg City Council votes on riverfront makeover

Perrysburgâ??s City Council made a decision Tuesday night on the first phase of a controversial proposal to makeover the waterfront along the Maumee River.

City council voted unanimously to move ahead with the projectâ??s first phase, which would build a bike and walking path connecting Hood Park with Orleans Park.

The decision to advance the hotly-debated project was met with mixed opinions.

â??I think they ought to do it because developing the riverfront in a broad sense is a good idea,â?? said Perrysburg resident Denny Barrett.

Alex Heard agreed, â??Iâ??m excited that theyâ??re moving forward with phase one.â?? Heard is currently circulating a petition advocating the projectâ??s full $26 million master plan. He challenged councilman, â??There's a real need for visionary leadership to take some bold steps to attract people to downtown Perrysburg.â??

Others questioned how much the project would cost, the impact to the environment, and how accessible the walkway would be case of an emergency.

â??There are many, many issues that have to be looked at and this hasn't been done,â?? said resident Jon Orser.

City council says it will explore grants and other funding options before plans are finalized. City council also says it has no plans to fund the project with a levy.