Perrysburg council mulls speed limit increase near school zones

Perrysburg city council to look at speed limit along South Boundary St.

Cars, trucks, and busses have for years been putting the brakes on speed on South Boundary St. in Perrysburg. Now, city council says it's time to raise the speed limit.

Perrysburg city council will conduct a study to determine whether raising the speed limit on South Boundary, between Rt. 25 and Rt. 20, would ease traffic or put students at risk.

The road currently has a posted speed limit of 25 mph and frequent police traffic patrols. Areas along the road, near two different schools - Frank Elementary and Perrysburg Jr. High - are school zones with posted speed limits of 20 mph.

The stretch of road, which connects many residential streets, sees increased foot traffic before and after school, during athletic and extra-curricular events, and, in warmer months, near the popular Mr. Freeze.

Council has not said by how much some are seeking to raise the speed limit.


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