Perrysburg councilmembers hear fire safety presentation

Perrysburg residents say city council is putting them in harm's way.

The President of the Perrysburg Firefighters Union conducted a safety presentation Monday evening for three city council members. He says a new city policy is putting firefighters in harmâ??s way even more than usual.

Perrysburgâ??s mayor and fire chief dropped the minimum number of firefighters on duty from five to four. Union president Pete Scarborough criticized the decision before the cityâ??s Service Safety Committee.

But not everyone agreed with Scarborough.

Perrysburg resident Jim Hagen stepped up to the podium after the safety presentation. â??That is a decision that is made by the person you hired to make those decisions,â?? Hagen said.

The fire chief says the change has already saved the city over $21,000 this year.

Perrysburg Firefighters Union President fires back against mayor

Before Hagen, a firefighterâ??s wife offered her take. â??This is about the safety of our community,â?? Cindy Wilson said. â??The safety of our loved ones, the safety of our firefighters. Theyâ??re the father of our children.â??

City Council President John Kevern is on the committee. After the meeting, he discussed the next steps going forward. â??Talk to the administrators who are responsible for this, who are logical people,â?? Kevern said. â??Just want to see if the logic supports this.â??

Attempts to reach the mayor were unsuccessful, but he has pointed out publicly that the minimum shift change hasnâ??t caused any major problems so far.

Council members say theyâ??re relaying all of the information the mayor.