Perrysburg deciding what to do after transportation levy was turned down

A large crowd turnout at the the Perrysburg City Council meeting about public transportation

Thursday, Perrysburg City Council held a special meeting to figure out a plan to supply public transportation.

Perrysburg voted down a $1.45 million levy to fund services by 51 percent, or 182 votes.

City Council member, J. Todd Grayson, who is on the chair the committee that is requesting the levy, commented about that result.

Grayson said, â??I think we were all pretty shockedâ?¦we hoped it would passâ?¦there are so many businesses that rely on itâ?¦ a lot of them are dependant on people from other communities getting here.â??

Jack Hoeflinger, has lived in Perrysburg 35 years and he commented about the special meeting Thursday.

Hoeflinger said, â??one of the things talked about is if they decide to put this on the ballot again. That could be a touchy issue, simply because the voters have already spokenâ?¦We talked about maybe not getting the voters the right information.â??

Grayson also commented about how the votersâ?? decision, saying, â??I think we just had a lot of people who did not fully understood the issue and I do not blame them for voting â??no.â?? I just hope that given a little more information, they will maybe reconsider, this March.â??

Perrysburg City Council will hold a special meeting next week to discuss the potential of extending the stop-gap service through the end of March.