Perrysburg High School uses Care Bears to discourage dirty dancing

Some don't approve of a flyer at Perrysburg High School showing a bent over Care Bear demonstrating inappropriate dancing

A flyer that was recently posted in the hallways of Perrysburg High School has created a stir. It uses two cartoon Care Bears to demonstrate what is appropriate and what is not appropriate dancing as the schoolâ??s May 10 prom approaches.

A picture of the flyer was given to WNWO by a PHS senior who is concerned the design went too far, using an innocent cartoon to demonstrate what is unacceptable dancing. The picture shows a bear bent over at a 90 degree angle, similar to the viral dance move known as â??twerkingâ??. The flyer was designed by students and approved by the schoolâ??s administration in an attempt to avoid problems from earlier dances.

â??Back in the fall at our homecoming dance, we had some parents express a concern about how kids were dancing,â?? according to Dr. Michael Short, Perrysburg Highâ??s principal.

Dr. Short says schools have been dealing with this issue for generations, dating back to dance moves made famous by Elvis Presley in the 1950s, which were considered controversial at the time.

The student who contacted WNWO says heâ??s heard concerns about the flyer from other students and teachers. But Dr. Short says heâ??s OK with the design, and believes the fact itâ??s getting noticed and creating conversation is a good thing.

â??Most people think itâ??s a pretty humorous way to get the point across without being too preachy, and without trying to put down a whole list of rules of whatâ??s appropriate and inappropriate,â?? Dr. Short says.

For now, Dr. Short says the flyer will remain in the hallways. He says no one has come to him directly with any concerns, but told WNWO that he and his staff are willing to have an open discussion with anyone who disagrees with the flyerâ??s design.

The student who contacted us says he hopes to speak with school leaders later this week.